Who We Are

A ceramic tile stove or a fireplace both heats the house and is an impressive interior detail, a real centre of attraction. In Europe, the first tile stoves were created in the 13th century and in the 14th century they first appeared in Lithuanian manors. Since the old times, lavishly decorated ceramic tile stoves heated the homes of noblemen and, what is more important, were a significant symbol of their wealth and status.

For many years now, “Dvarų keramika” has been successfully creating and manufacturing ceramic tiles of a very high quality for stoves, fireplaces and heated walls. Many houses in Lithuania, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom and other countries are now decorated with fireplaces and stoves that were built from the tiles designed and manufactured by our craftsmen.

If you’re considering a construction of a ceramic tile stove or a fireplace in your house or summerhouse, please do not hesitate to contact us. The craftsmen of “Dvarų keramika”, the acknowledged specialists, will assess your demands, prepare an individual design and carefully manufacture the tiles. Very soon you will be able to enjoy a real piece of art – a unique fireplace or wood stove.